I can't say enough about this group!!! Greif missed group today going to the Vet - his allergies are in crazy mode. 

BUT - for the first time ever, he was calm as the folks at Animal Medical Clinic looked at him, calm during his shot, and calm with the other dogs in the waiting room. No restraints, no muzzle. 

Another shepherd pup was barking like crazy at him in the small waiting area. He just sat there, behaving. Greif is well-behaved for the most part anyway, but the issues he was having are quickly resolving.

This is HUGE for Greif... his socialization skill were sorely lacking before T.A.O., with both people and dogs. 

What can I say - T.A.O. K9 Unleashed folks are AMAZING!!! 

Thank you to Suzanne & Tara. Not only did you help mold my 2 yr old into the well-balanced and fantastic dog that she is, but you go above and beyond to help my shy new puppy come out of his shell and reach his full potential. You guys rock!! -- Ciara, Peachtree City, GA