Private In Home Training

The most influential factor in any dogs behavior is the relationship between dog and owner(s). 

Your dog’s behavior (good or bad) is influenced by a variety of factors, but in order to train a new skill or correct an existing behavior it is vital that you and your dog have a foundation built on trust and respect. Our goal during our private in-home dog training is to help you build that foundation and to teach you and your dog how to work together. 

Agression Rehabilitation 

There are many forms of aggression that we can help with:

  • Human: aggression toward family members, friends or strangers
  • Animal: aggression toward other pets or any other animals
  • Territorial: aggression that appears when a dog feels its territory is being invaded
  • Fear: aggression that results from intense feelings of fear
  • Resource guarding: aggression that occurs when a dog feels protective of its food, bones, toys, space, etc.

Group Obedience

We believe that socialization and group obedience are vital parts of unleashing your dog's potential. Group classes provide distraction based training to put your dog on the fast track to the best behavior. It also builds the teamwork foundation for you and your dog.