Training Enrollment/Release Form

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Tao K9 Unleashed, LLC agrees to exercise due diligence and reasonable care, and to keep the premises sanitary and properly enclosed. All pets are handled and cared for by our staff without liability on Tao K9 Unleashed, LLC's part for loss or damage from disease, theft, fire, death, escape, injury or harm to persons, other pets or property by said pets, or from other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised.

OWNER UNDERSTANDS THE RISK INVOLVED IN "FREE PLAY" AT DAYCARE AND BOARDING AND ACCEPTS THAT SOME INJURIES MAY RESULT FROM SUCH INTERACTIONS. The Tao K9 staff, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to (a) treat such injuries onsite or (b) have the pet seen by a veterinarian if it's deemed that such injury requires veterinary care. The owner acknowledges that all costs relating to veterinary care of the pet shall be borne by the owner, and Tao K9 shall be reimbursed for any advances made.

Tao K9 Unleashed, LLC reserves the right to refuse any pet.

We accept our payment in full prior to beginning services. Since we try to be as flexible as possible with time and scheduling services, we do not offer any refunds. We are happy to work out other arrangements for any training packages that cannot be completed on schedule. Payment plans are arranged on a case by case basis and additional charges may be applied. We currently accept cash or check only. We are licensed and insured.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your free consult!